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NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) opens doors for 2-year community college students seeking a STEM degree. Students get a closer look at NASA’s unique missions and research and learn how to develop their talents, interests, and passion to become future STEM professionals.

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"This opportunity really opened my eyes to so many things not only about NASA and how it encompasses way more than I ever though, but I learned how to ask questions, network, and thrive from failure. I learned that even though I am not a "traditional" STEM major I can still benefit from the experience."
Redlands Community College Student, El Reno, Oklahoma

2020 BY NUMBERSNASA on Campus is funded by NASA's Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP) and encourages community college students to finish their 2-year degree and pursue a 4-year degree or career in a STEM field.

Total Students Invited to Onsite Events

Number of students invited to onsite experience nationwide
Total Minority Serving Institutions in NASA on Campus

Total Internships Awarded to NASA on Campus Alumni

 But many more were awarded to NCAS alumni

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